Brief History

The need to establish a University was floated and accepted by the 12th PCEA General Assembly in April 1988 owning to the success of the church in establishing and nurturing both education and medical institutions. A Steering Committee was formed and charged with the responsibility of developing a proposal for the establishment of the University including the development of the curricula for the programmes  that would be offered. The members of the Steering Committee were nominated in their own private and professional capacity, and also as committed members of the PCEA. The membership of the Steering Committee was expanded later to include professionals with extensive experience in the management of universities.

The Presbyterian Foundation approved the allocation of 100 acres of land at Thogoto Mission Centre for the development of the proposed university. To coordinate the development of the physical facilities, a Building Committee was then established. This Committee raised funds from the PCEA Congregations and other well wishers for the construction of the first administration and teaching block. The university opened its doors in 2008 and the student numbers and facilities have grown tremendously since then.

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