Rubate Programmes


Bachelor of Education (Arts) K.C.S.E mean grade C+ with C+ in 2 teaching subjects, or Diploma in Education. School based                 13thAug, 2012Full time

3rd Sept, 2012


8 sessions                 @ sh 31, 500 

8 semesters               @  sh 52,000


Diploma in Education(Secondary Option) K.C.S.E mean grade C(plain) and C+ and above in two teaching subjects or PI certificate with C+ in 2 teaching subjects. School based                 13thAug,2012Full time

3rd Sept, 2012

4 sessions                 @ sh 28,0004 semesters               @ sh 28,000


Bachelor of Theology K.C.S.E mean grade C+ or diploma in Theology  or Equivalent. School based                                      13thAug,2012Full time     3rd Sept, 2012 8 Semesters              @  sh 52,000
Diploma in Theology K.C.S.E mean grade C plain or K.A.C.E with 1 principal and 2 subsidiaries or P1 certificate School based                   13thAug,2012Full time

3rd Sept, 2012

4 semesters@  sh 28,000
Diploma In E.C.D.E K.C.S.E C ( plain )or P1 certificate School based                 12thAug,2012Full time                          11th September,2012


6 terms  @   9,5004 terms  @ 15, 600


Diploma in Education -KNEC (secondary option) K.C.S.E mean grade C+(plus) and C+ and above in two teaching subjects and D+ and above in mathematics January ,  2013 3 academic years7 terms @ 24,000
Certificate in E.C.D.E  KC.S.E D+( Plus) School based                 12thAug, 2012Full time                            11th September,2012 6sessions  @  6,5004 terms     @ 15,200


Certificate in Primary Teachers Education (P1)  K.C.S.E C plain  11th September,2012 2 academic years6  Terms @ 21,000
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