On Thursday, May 3, 2023, the Vice Chancellor of PUEA, Prof Wangari Mwai participated in a crucial higher education stakeholders’ forum at State House, Nairobi. The forum was attended by Vice Chancellors from public, private, and faith-based universities, as well as principals from TVETs. The meeting aimed at providing valuable input towards the development of a new funding model for tertiary education in Kenya.

At the end of this high-level meeting H.E the President of Kenya, Dr. William Ruto, announced a new funding model for universities and TVETs.
1. This model will delink funding from placement.
2. It will be a student-centered model that will allocate funding to students based on their level of need.
3. It replaces the previous system of block funding.
4. Going forward, students who have the financial means to pay for their education based on their family background will not be eligible for funding. They will have the option to enroll in either public or private/faith-based institutions.
5. However, the continuing government-sponsored students will still receive support as per the previous funding model until they complete their studies.

As a faith-based university that is dedicated to producing graduates who are ready to serve God and humanity, PUEA warmly welcomes students to apply for our various affordable academic programmes during the upcoming application period facilitated by the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS). Under the new funding model, the government will also fund students based on their programme and university of choice.

At PUEA, we pride ourselves on offering a serene and comfortable learning environment, a team of top-notch faculty, and a vibrant community of students, making us the ideal choice for your next stage of learning.

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