The Presbyterian University of East Africa is a faith based Chartered University that aims at producing holistically trained graduates for the service of God and humanity. We embrace the values of academic excellence, responsible freedom of thoughts, selfless service, discipline, truth, integrity, honesty, justice, tolerance, transparency and fair play. PUEA as encompassed in its motto; “Finding New Paths” works towards creating roadmaps for exploration, innovation and offers high quality peerless, market oriented academic programmes ranging from certificate, diploma, bachelor‟s and master‟s level in various disciplines.The University prides itself as an institution that nurtures industry leaders and job creators not job seekers. The students population in PUEA is a representative of all counties in Kenya and various countries in Africa and the world; attracting diverse groups of students which further enriches the student‟s learning experience. The University ensures that her students enjoy a learning environment that they truly can call home away from home while working towards their study goal

Why it makes a difference at PUEA
  • Competitive and innovative programmes whilst upholding the highest levels of academic excellence and practice
  • Good learning facilities and well equipped state-of-the-art library.
  • Qualified, competent and supportive faculty and staff.
  • Serene and conducive learning environment.
  • We promote virtues of self-reliance, entrepreneurial spirit and creativity
  • A family that cares and mentors every student to promote well-being and career growth.
  • We offer entrepreneurial training, mentoring and nurturing of talents through clubs and societies.
  • An ecumenical faith-based environment where the application of knowledge and skills is guided by spiritual values.
  • PUEA graduates are in the forefront of the job markets, which makes them highly sought after while others become job creators

A World class University of choice providing holistic and transformational education based on Christian Values


To produce Holistically trained graduates for service to God and humanity and stay at the frontier of knowledge

  • Professionalism
  • Stewardship and Teamwork
  • Creativity and Innovativeness
  • Decency and Accountability
  • Integrity and Transparency
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P.O Box 387-00902 Kikuyu, Kenya

0769500702, 0739552223, 0733552223


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