Exciting Partnership Announcement.

We are thrilled to announce a new collaboration between the Presbyterian University of East Africa (PUEA) and East Africa Partnership Limited (EAPL). This partnership aims to foster growth, empower students, and enhance educational opportunities in various fields. Together, we are committed to making a positive impact in the community and beyond!

Some of our collaboration areas include;

  1. Providing scholarships for needy students

As part of our collaboration, EAPL has generously provided scholarships to deserving Occupational Therapy students at PUEA. These scholarships were awarded to the respective students during a special meeting between the partners. We believe that investing in education is key to shaping a brighter future, and this sponsorship will pave the way for these students to excel in their studies and contribute meaningfully to society.

  1. Donation of Training Equipment and Library upgrade

To ensure the highest quality education and practical training, EAPL will donate state-of-the-art training equipment for the fields of occupational therapy, and nursing at PUEA. This invaluable contribution will enable our students to gain hands-on experience and develop the necessary skills to excel in their respective professions.

Further EAPL will donate books and other learning materials that will enable us continuously upgrade our library and enable our students and faculty carry out research effectively and efficiently.

  1. Collaboration in Income Generating Units

Collaboration with EAPL on Income Generating Units (IGUs), which will act as a source of income which will provide scholarships and work-study programs for our university. This collaborative effort will create opportunities for students to fund their education while gaining valuable real-world experience. By supporting these IGUs, we aim to empower our students to become self-reliant and confident professionals.

  1. Academic Programmes Development

PUEA and EAPL will join forces to develop and advance academic programmes in the fields of Special Needs Education and Theology. Through this partnership, we seek to create comprehensive and innovative curricula that address the evolving needs of these disciplines. Our aim is to produce graduates who are equipped with the knowledge and skills to make a meaningful impact in their respective fields and positively contribute to society.

We are thrilled about this partnership and the endless possibilities it holds. Together, PUEA and EAPL are dedicated to nurturing talent, promoting excellence, and creating a brighter future for our students and communities.

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