I joined the Presbyterian University of East Africa in September 2014 to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, completed my course work in December 2016, and graduated in December 2017 with a First Class Honors. My experiences in PUEA were phenomenal academically, socially and spiritually.

In the 2015/2016 academic year, I was elected unopposed to serve as PUSA president. During my tenure, I led the team that formed the Enactus Club and created an online-CCTV camera from scratch using a Raspberry Pie. In Jan of 2017, I got an opportunity to further my studies in the United States of America, where I took advanced computer science classes and projects so as to get certified to work in USA IT firms.

Building on the coding skills I got at PUEA, I successfully met the required standards and got a software engineering job at Express Scripts, a leading IT firm in the USA. I am currently a lead software Engineer at the company.   Without The Presbyterian University of East Africa, I would not have had the push I needed to jump into Software Engineering. Studying Computer Science at PUEA provided me with a unique learning atmosphere with a close-knit team, where professors, staff members and peers were always ready to help and support. The professional teaching and creative classes at PUEA have immensely contributed to my success in the Software Engineering industry. Moreover, the Tuesday Chapel and WODEPU meetings nourished my spiritual life, impacted godly skills in me, and ignited my personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This has helped me to meaningfully navigate life and career.



Name:      JOEL OYUCHI (USA)




Company: EXPRESS SCRIPTS (a leading IT firm in the USA)