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Complaints Handling Procedure

The Presbyterian University of East Africa has established infrastructure for  handling complaints from staff, students and the general public in accordance to PUEA Complainant Policy.  While general complaints on service delivery i.e (Student Lecturer cases )  are resolved at the specific service points, the official designated complaints office as directed by policyThis Office is the link between the University and Church and is mandated to handle complaints on:-

  • Maladministration (Improper public administration) – service failure, delay, inaction, inefficiency, ineptitude, discourtesy, incompetence, and unresponsiveness in public offices.
  • Administrative Injustice
  • Action which is in non-compliance with expeditious, efficient, reasonable and procedural fair action, and an entitlement to written reasons for such action.
  • Misconduct and Integrity Issues
  • Improper conduct, abuse of power and misbehavior in public service.


Complaints Channels

Complaints may be lodged to this office in the following manner:

  • In person – by visiting The University
  • By Letter
  • By e-mail
  • By telephone
  • By filling online Complaint form
  • Through Complaint boxes around the University.


Complaints Handling Procedure

  • Complaints are received, recorded and acknowledged. NB: While it may not be possible to acknowledge anonymous complaint, they are treated like any other complaints.
  • They are assessed and where necessary channeled to the relevant office by letter for resolution.

Within 21 days.

  • A report on the resolution is made, and where resolution is not possible within the stipulated timeliness, reasons for the same given.
  • Feedback is given to the complainant.
  • Quarterly reports on all complaints received and made to the University’s Corruption Prevention Committee (Chaired by the Vice-Chancellor) . The reports contain details of the complaint including action taken, root cause and corrective action.
  • Sexual Harassment on all sexual complaints received in the university the delegated committee will investigate and give it finding to the office of vice chancellor.