New Students Orientation

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Congratulations! Welcome to The Presbyterian University of East Africa.

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The PUEA ICT department has several systems and services supporting students’ campus activities as listed below.

  1. Website: The PUEA university website contains general information about the university and important communication about the university. Students are advised to regularly visit the university website to get themselves updated. The URL to the university website is:
  2. Student Portal: The university has a students’ portal that students can use to access various services including unit registration, Hostel Booking, the printing of exam cards and results slip, course/lecturer evaluation, and viewing fee statements and receipts. Students will also be able to view important university memos/circulars from the portal. You can access the student portal via this link: Students portal.
    The log-in credentials for the student portal are:

    Username: full registration number in capital letters (eg. X35/GV/00000/2021)
    Password: full registration number in capital letters (X35/GV/00000/2021 )
                       or the name student in small letters (student)
  3. Units registration: Students are expected to register their course units online via their portal. A tutorial on course registration can be found via this link: Unit Registration. Online unit registration Students are advised to read through the tutorial carefully to ensure that units are registered successfully. NB: Students that will not successfully register units online will not be able to print their exam cards.
  4. Institutional Emails: The university will issue students with corporate emails. These emails will be used for all corporate communication between students, lecturers, and management. Students will find their corporate email on the dashboard of their students’ portal. The default password for the emails is Puea@2024. Students are required to change their passwords to a more secure one after the initial login. A tutorial on how to log in to your student’s email is available via this link: Tutorial on how to log to the student s’ e-mail.
  5. PUEA WIFI: Students can access the University Wifi with the name PUEA WIFI and password #Puea@2022
  6. ODeL LMS:  Students can access the ODEL LMS platform using this link: Username: registration number and password: registration number
  7. Students ID cards: All students are required to have a student identification card. The ICT team has prepared a passport photo-taking exercise. The passport photos will be used to produce the students’ identification cards.
    Passports will be taken on the 1st, and 2nd of February 2024 in the university studio as per the schedule in Memo.
  8. Computer Lab: The university computer lab is located in the Library basement. Students can access the facility to access online resources from the Internet and other computer-related services.
  9. ICT Support: Students can get  ICT support from the ICT office or directly contact the ICT team via